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Semi-Annual Report 2020

Posted on Jun. 24 2020

The Drumheller Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office provided a semi-annual update to council at their June 22 council meeting. The report focused on their progress and key deliverables from July – December 2020. 

A few of the highlights include:

Newcastle Beach Stream Flow Improvement

  • Need to wait until regulatory restrictions are lifted (fish spawning)
  • Finalize mulching
  • Clean up the boat launch
  • Plant grass seed

Nacmine Berm Alignment

A report is due by October outlining recommendations on proposed structural enhancements and alignment of the Nacmine Berm. This report will determine the location of where the berm should begin and end.

Review Storm Water Management and Storm Pond Capacity

Reviewing climate change adaptation draft report, the office needs to determine what is required for the future capacity of stormwater drainage and storm ponds in south slopes of badlands.
Centennial Park Master Plan

  • Conceptual designs of this area are being developed to make the berm more efficient and enhance flood protection.

Click here to see the full Flood Mitigation and Climate Adaptation System Semi-Annual Report

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