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July 4, 2022: Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Program Quarterly Report

Posted on Jul. 4 2022

On July 4, the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Program’s Technical Advisor, Mark Steffler, P. Eng., presented the following Quarterly Report to Mayor and Council.

This report covers the period from April 1 to June 30, 2022.

2022 Strategic Priorities (January 2022)

  • Property Acquisition Policy Update
  • Land Use Bylaw (LUB) / Municipal Development Plan (MDP) / Downtown and Area Revitalization Plan (DARP) Amendments
  • 2022 Dike Tenders
  • 4-year work plan
  • 2023 Dike Consultation

Land Purchase

  • Floodway Buyout Program:
    • All properties identified for buyouts in Central Rosedale, West Rosedale, and Nacmine have been purchased (10 total); house relocation and/or demolition is underway Design
    • Lehigh buyouts - four properties purchased to date in 2022, in addition to two purchased in past years, eleven remaining. House removals/demolitions will begin in July.


  • Preliminary design of all funded projects has been underway over the past several months, with selected projects scheduled for 2022 construction moving to detailed design and tender preparation in April, May and June.
  • Following June 6, 2022 Council update and decision, optimization of four berm projects have been completed (Midland, Newcastle, North Drumheller Grove Plaza and Willow Estates), and tender packages have been prepared.
  • Optimization of remaining berm projects will proceed through the late summer and fall.


  • Downtown Dike Phase 1 was tendered in April 2022. Council decided on May 9, 2022, to cancel this tender as pricing came in over the allocated budget to cancel the tender and optimize the design.
  • Tenders for four berm projects (Midland, Newcastle, North Drumheller Grove Plaza and Willow Estates) were posted on June 20 and 21 to and Willow Estates and Grove Plaza will close on July 12 with Newcastle and Midland closing July 19. The tenders will be brought to Council for approval on August 2.

Grants & Budget

  • Based on the Downtown Dike tender pricing construction cost escalation has pushed the Flood Mitigation Program’s budget above the current available budget.
  • Additional Grant funding has been requested from the Federal Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund during their November 2021 intake. The Mayor and CAO have lobbied the Provincial Government for additional funding in May 2022.
  • Council has directed the Food Mitigation Office to optimize berm designs to allow for as many berms as possible to be constructed under the available funding. This work is underway, and the upcoming four tenders will provide additional certainty on construction costs.


  • Updates to the Provincial Flood Hazard mapping are underway. The Town expects to receive a draft copy for review in the coming weeks. The LUB will be linked to these updated flood hazard maps, once finalized.


  • Phone call inquiries responded to: 14
  • Email inquiries responded to: 52 individual email threads with multiple questions answered in most threads
  • Social media inquiries responded to: 21 individual social media threads with multiple questions answered in most threads
  • Total inquiries responded to: 87

To watch the presentation, please view the recording of the July 4th Regular Council Meeting at

To download the full agenda, visit

For more information, please contact the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office at:
(403) 823-4878

About the Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office
The purpose of this office is to protect the people and property in Drumheller from loss due to flooding through a sensible model for a small community to adapt to the perils of changing climate. The Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Office will manage the Flood Mitigation and Climate Adaptation System through to its completion in 2024. To learn more, visit

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