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Join the conversation! Attend our upcoming in-person Community Engagement Session on November 15 at the Badlands Community Facility‚ÄĒfocusing on the Rosedale, North Drumheller and Scarlett Berms.


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Where Would You Like To See Vegetation Planted In Drumheller?

Posted on Jul. 12 2022
The DRFMO is focusing on the construction of 4 dikes in 2022 (Midland, Newcastle, Grove Plaza, and Willow Estates). 
In order to prepare these areas for their respective dikes, some trees had to be removed.
As promised in the landscape plan, any trees in good or fair health will be replaced at a 5:1 ratio - 5 replacements for every 1 removal. These replacements may be trees or shrubs or a combination of trees and shrubs.
The intent of this survey is to gather community feedback on where residents would like to see the vegetation planted in Drumheller. Please note that replacements will be prioritized in the same community as where the trees were removed from.
This survey will close on Friday, September 2nd, 2022, so please provide your input before then!
CLICK HERE to take the survey.
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