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DRFMO Updated Project Schedule *Subject to Change

Posted on Jun. 13 2022

As presented on June 6, several factors have contributed to the need for an increased project budget, including key components not budgeted for in original funding requests, changes to the Provincial design flow rate, and a dramatic increase in design and construction costs due to inflation.

As a result, the Flood Resiliency Project Director recommended, and Mayor and Council decided, to focus on the construction of four dike projects in 2022, including Midland, Newcastle, North Drumheller Grove Plaza, and Willow Estates.

To cover increased costs and unfunded dikes, we will continue to lobby all levels of Government for additional funding. If additional funding is not provided, the Flood Office has been and will continue to optimize designs for cost savings.

A reduced minimum standard berm design top width (4 m) and freeboard (0.5 m) will be implemented as a key design optimization and cost-saving measure. Preliminary analysis on selected dikes has indicated a 5-10% cost savings on overall project costs with the reduction.

To download the updated program schedule, click here.

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