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Tree Carving Event Video & Photos

Posted on Oct. 26 2022

The DRFMO is proud to announce, on behalf of the Tree Carving Event Committee, that the video of the live carving is now complete.

While the Town of Drumheller makes every effort to avoid impacting trees, sometimes the nature of capital projects requires that some trees are removed to make space for project work.

Marina Cole (the carver), who is better known through her business name Chainsaw Spirit, is from Irvine Alberta and her passion is to take old, downed trees and give them a second life by transforming them into works of art.

Her love and talent have made Marina a sought-after artist who has participated in international competitions in Alaska, Australia, Montana, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Quebec, and Alberta.

Cole has created must-see chainsaw carvings throughout the Medicine Hat area, Alberta and BC and has opened Chainsaw Spirit Gallery in Irvine where she not only sells her woodwork but products from other local artisans.

A huge thank you goes out to Marina Cole, the Tree Carving Event Committee, Cody Schatz for producing the video, and all the residents who attended to show their support.

To watch the video, CLICK HERE.

To view the photo album created by resident Wayne Powell, CLICK HERE.

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