Word on the trail is… berms are only important for riverfront properties

You’d have to be hiding under a rock to miss all of the activity along the river clearing brush for the new and improved berms. It seems to be all people are talking about. Some are excited. They say “I can finally see the river!” Some say, “So what! I don’t live by the river, doesn’t matter to me.”

I say, hold up, let me get my rumour stick and let’s talk facts.

These berms are for all of us.

First and foremost, the berms will protect us from the BIG flood. We are building bigger, better, adaptable berms and moving future development to the 2100 growth area as our best defense against the inevitable damage of climate change. These adaptable berms are our first and BEST defense.

Second, the berms will recreate our relationship to the river. In the past we hid the river away. No more. It’s time to celebrate this spectacular amenity flowing through our town. The new and upgraded berms will double as a recreational trail system and open space amenity for all of us.

Now that’s what I call a double whammy. Safety first, celebration second. Time to change the channel and focus on the future!

Featured FAQ:

My home is identified in the Provincial Flood Hazard Map as being in the Floodway. Does that mean you need to purchase my property?

No. The Province of Alberta has changed the floodplain in the valley several times – no less than four.

The current maps based on 2007 data and published in 2016, don’t just reflect historic flooding in the valley, they also provide a predictive risk analysis to the community, based on modelling of various flow rates. If your home is located in the floodway, flood fringe or overland flow area, this does not mean your property is required for purchase as part of the land acquisition process. Our two priorities for land acquisition are:

  • Phase 1 – properties that are in the floodway where no engineering solution can be reasonably implemented to protect the properties. 
  • Phase 2 – properties that are needed for the improvement or installation of dikes or other structural measures.

However, it does mean that your property requires a berm along the river so your neighbourhood is qualified to be designated as “protected.”

We have commenced with phase 1 land acquisitions. Detailed designs of structural enhancements are not yet completed for phase 2. Property owners impacted by phase 2 acquisitions will be contacted by Scott Land & Lease Ltd., likely by fall 2020. If you are not contacted by Scott Land & Lease, your property has not been identified as part of the land acquisition process as of now. If your neighbourhood is currently protected by a diking system, it is unlikely we will acquire your property. If your property is adjacent to an existing dike, we may need to acquire some portion of the property to enhance the dike. Please reference this website for further details on provincial flood hazard maps. https://floods.alberta.ca


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