Bore Hole Drilling


October 5, 2020
For immediate release

Geotechnical field crews will commence drilling 32 bore holes throughout town. The purpose for this work is to examine the soil conditions, as they are different throughout the Valley. This work will help determine how fast water would move under a dike (seepage) during a flood and the conditions and suitability of the foundation for dike development.

These bore holes will be drilled on public land to avoid disturbance to private properties. The locations for the bore hole drilling IS NOT RELATED TO THE LOCATION of any potential dike alignment. It is a convenient location on public land to check soil conditions. However, there may be some restrictions to access your street or driveway for an hour while this work is being completed.

Where is this work being completed?
This work is in 32 locations along the valley.

How long will you be in the area?
It will take approximately two weeks to complete this work.

For more information please contact:
Parkland Geotechnical Consulting Ltd.
Bryden Lutz


Click here for pdf version.

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