Campgrounds Closed to June 1st

As part of our ongoing efforts to prevent the spread of COVID-19, the Town of Drumheller has implemented an order to close private campgrounds until June 1st,   effective Friday April 24, 2020 at noon.  As non-essential businesses, campgrounds are being closed to limit the risk of COVID-19 exposure in Drumheller. Drumheller currently has no COVID-19 cases recorded.


The order states in part:                                               

“All campgrounds are hereby ordered to shut down and cease operating and shall refuse entry to all recreational visitors for any purpose whatsoever.”

The following exception shall apply:

Campgrounds may admit only patrons who have an existing site lease of no less than six months in duration, AND, the Campground Operator has satisfied themselves that the patron so admitted has no other place of permanent residence in the Province of Alberta, AND, the Campground Operator complies with the provisions stipulated in the Guidelines for the Safe Operation of Campgrounds as published by the Chief Medical Officer of Health for the Province of Alberta.”


Barricades are being placed throughout, to encourage Local Traffic Only.  Surrounding residents who work in town and utilize local services are considered part of the local community and continue to be welcomed. 


“This decision was not made easily but we want to do everything we can to protect our community. We know you want to enjoy our amazing landscape but this is not the right time. Please stay home and stay healthy”, states Mayor Colberg.


The Director Emergency Management Darwin Durnie explains, “we made this decision because of an increased number of visitors to the community, even though we have advertised our facilities and attractions are closed. While we appreciate the desire to explore the outdoors, we are concerned this could increase the spread of COVID-19 to our community and if an injury occurs, it will put stress on our small local health care system. We want to have all available resources for the management of COVID-19. We have been responding in a careful, compassionate and caring manner and the safety of our community is our first priority.”


The Town of Drumheller declared a state of local emergency (SOLE) on March 20. The SOLE provides provisions that a local authority can implement an order to protect the citizens of the Town.

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