Word on the trail is… flood season starts this week

Flood season starts this week reminding us there is no time like the present to prepare. In order to protect for the future we need to remember the past. Flood levels from our past would devastate the whole community if they occurred today. That’s why the town is building berms on average 1.5 metres high […]

Word on the trail is… how are berms designed?

Berms are the talk of the town, these days. Let’s pull out the rumour stick and find out what actually goes into the process of berm design. Designing berms for flood mitigation is a complex, staged process which starts with the location of the berms based on provincial flood maps, and an evaluation of height […]

Word on the trail is… the Town is cutting down trees

Rumour has it, the town is going to be cutting down trees. Let me consult my rumour stick. In fact, this stick of mine used to be a tree so it ought to know. In fact, my friends, yes indeed, some trees are coming down. The process is going to start fairly soon in Centennial […]