Word on the trail is… how are berms designed?

Berms are the talk of the town, these days. Let’s pull out the rumour stick and find out what actually goes into the process of berm design. Designing berms for flood mitigation is a complex, staged process which starts with the location of the berms based on provincial flood maps, and an evaluation of height […]

Word on the trail is… the Town is cutting down trees

Rumour has it, the town is going to be cutting down trees. Let me consult my rumour stick. In fact, this stick of mine used to be a tree so it ought to know. In fact, my friends, yes indeed, some trees are coming down. The process is going to start fairly soon in Centennial […]

Word on the trail is… why are we referencing flows and not frequency?

There are so many numbers in the provincial flood study people are wondering how did you pick 1,850 m3/s and why are you referencing flows and not frequency? Let’s get the rumour stick and sort through the facts. The study talks about a few things, like natural and regulated flow rates. Both are useful in […]