Chief Resiliency and Flood Mitigation Officer Update – Week of May 17

Riverside Drive Migratory Bird Sweep

To mitigate recent concerns about migratory nesting,  a second wildlife sweep was conducted Sunday May 16, 2021 while the clearing contractor was shutdown for the (two-day) weekend.  This survey confirmed no active wildlife features were identified. It is recommended that tree and shrub removal be completed within five days or sooner to ensure no new breeding bird activity establishes.  This will ensure compliance with Migratory Birds Convention Act, The Species at Risk Act, and Alberta Wildlife Act.

Tree removal will resume on Tuesday May 18th and should be completed within 5 days.

Directly Impacted Homeowner Communication

Individual meetings with homeowners who are impacted by the berm alignment continue, so they can meet with Scott Land & Lease directly to understand how much of their property may be required. This process is still on-going.

Dickson Dam

The mayor and I met with Dickson Dam operations staff last week and were given a guided tour.  A video providing further details on the dam will be released shortly.

River Conditions

The snowpack at Skoki Lodge and Limetone Ridge continue to be in normal range for this time of year. We encourage everyone to download rivers.alberta.ca to review the information. We are now in flood season from May 15- July 15. Please keep an eye on river conditions.

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