It Takes a Community

The peak for COVID-19 is expected to reach our community in about three weeks and we need your help immediately. 

We have been cleaning the town since we activated our EOC on March 13th to break the chain and minimize risk to our community. Our squeegee squads have been cleaning mail boxes, business door handles, cross walk signs and touch points throughout town.

As we continue to navigate through this new “business unusual” we are asking you to start taking care of yourself.

It takes a community to fight COVID-19, and now we are asking you to do your part and clean, clean, clean. We are asking you to implement stringent cleaning protocols such as cleaning high touch areas often, hand sanitizers for customers entering your facilities, minimizing number of customers in your establishment at one time and enforcing 2 metre social distancing. Remember, soap is our friend. 

Our current zero cases are the result of the sacrifices and efforts made by everyone in this town.
Together, we are fighting this pandemic and together we will get through this.

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