Message From the Mayor: Submitted Application to DMAF

As I said in November message, Drumheller is committed to becoming a flood-ready community this year. As your Council, we have all agreed to make this a top priority for 2019 because it is our role to keep residents safe and to protect our community. We made the choice to tackle our #1 risk head on and to be proactive in mitigating it. We are committed to getting ahead of the next flood season and many seasons after that. I’m also personally committed to keeping you informed throughout the process.

As an update, I am very pleased to advise that we completed and submitted the federal grant application through the Disaster Mitigation and Adaptation Fund (DMAF). This is a national merit-based program from the Government of Canada that will invest $2 billion across Canada over the next ten years to support large-scale infrastructure projects to help communities better manage the risks of disasters triggered by natural hazards. We expect an answer on our application by the end of March. The provincial government has committed to matching the federal grant if approved.

We have also begun to develop our flood-readiness page on our website and we are in the process of updating our Municipal Emergency Plan and creating a regional response team, including our Siksika First Nations neighbour based on Alberta’s updated Emergency Management Act (Bill-8).

An undertaking of this magnitude is the responsibility of the entire community, in supporting the project, staying informed and doing your part in flood-readiness. Here is what I need from you in 2019:

  • Register for our flood ready newsletter here or call us at 403-823-6300 to have it delivered to your home.
  • Stay current through our dedicated flood-readiness web page once it is up and ready.
  • Watch for social media posts on Facebook and Twitter @dinosaurvalley.
  • Last but not least, do your best to implement our flood-readiness recommendations over the coming months.

I ask for your trust and patience as we get through the next few months leading up to Spring while we line up government support and make important decisions at the right pace to set the stage for our biggest community project to date. We are working to change the channel on flood-readiness in Drumheller, and together, we can proactively shape the future of our community.

On behalf of Council we wish you all the best and great success in 2019.

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