Word on the trail is… Newcastle Beach will be turned into condominiums!

Hi! I’m Morris the Hike-Asaurus, and I’ve lived in this valley for over 70 million years and know the trails in Drumheller like the back of my hand. How about you?

Lately, I’ve been hearing a tale or two about our plans to adapt to a changing climate and flooding that sound a little fishy. Having seen more floods than you can imagine, I’m guessing I can put a few rumours to rest.

Let me grab my rumour stick and let’s have a chat about protecting our family, our homes and our neighbourhoods so we preserve the Valley and all who live here for generations to come.

The first rumour I’ve heard is: Newcastle Beach will be turned into condominiums!

Now that’s a whopper of a tale. You know if you live long enough you will hear everything. This rumour is FALSE. We want to quit building in the river. The whole adventure of cleaning up Newcastle Beach is to make MORE room for the river.

Featured FAQ:

What is a Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) and why is it important for the current policies to be reviewed?

The Municipal Development Plan is the visionary community plan for the Town, it provides high level guidance, goals and policy. The Land Use Bylaw implements the MDP’s goals, it provides detailed regulations on building location, form and use. Both of these are statutory documents under the Municipal Government Act.
A review of these documents was important to help us understand how the river impacts future development for the valley. While we know the river can be a threat to us, for the majority of time, it’s an asset. We need to understand what opportunities it can create for future growth.
Council gave first reading of the proposed new MDP and LUB on September 14. Consultation is underway on the two by-laws featuring a website where residents can provide feedback on the proposed changes. A public hearing is scheduled for both the MDP and LUB on Monday October 26th.

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