Prepare People With Disabilities

​People with disabilities have unique challenges during emergencies and they have to consider things such as:

– Difficulties with communication
– Surroundings looking unfamiliar
– Stress and confusion can occur with visual or hearing impairments 
– Guide animals can go missing

  • Trusted support networks of 2-3 helpers or caregivers can check in and assist in an emergency
  • Make sure that they have spare keys and know the emergency response plan
  • Emergency kits should include all special needs items and needs clearly written to assist helpers
  • Emergency kits for people with disabilities should have extra medication (2-week supply), dosages, prescription information, medical and mobility devices and equipment (walkers, canes etc.)
  • Have a whistle or personal alarm on hand to seek help
  • Support helpers should know where the emergency kit is located and if a service dog is needed, have a plan to evacuate the animal where possible

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