Prepare Your Home, Condo or Apartment

  • ​Assign flood wardens at your facility if you live in a condo or apartment
  • Have a list of residents and know your muster point in the event the entire facility is evacuated
  • Check your insurance policy to see if it covers flooding with overland flood insurance – many policies do not cover high risk areas
  • Make a list of your household inventory and belongings to be ready for future insurance claims (take pictures or take a video of each room)
  • For homes along the shoreline, think about temporary flood measures like sandbagging
  • Have large signs on hand to put in your window during an emergency (Green with word ‘Ok!’, Red with word ‘Help!’)
  • Make a list of things to do immediately if you need to evacuate (shutting off gas appliances, water tank, electricity etc.)
  • Have a backup power outage source like a generator on hand
  • Know who to call or what to do if utilities need to be shut off

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