Prepare Your Household

Know the 6Ps of Preparation: people, prescriptions, personal needs, papers, priceless items, pets

  • Plan and practice your family emergency preparedness plan
  • Every member of the family should prepare a ‘go bag’ with emergency supplies for 72 hours
  • Emergency kits should be easy to find or close to the door
  • Make copies of your most important documents and store them in water tight bags or off-site
  • Establish a plan on how to communicate with friends, family, neighbours during a flood
  • Have an out of town contact to connect you with family and friends should local lines be congested in an emergency situation
  • Keep important numbers in your wallet or have a list handy, not just on your phone
  • Have a meet up place for family to meet after a flooding emergency
  • Consider creating a closed social media group just for emergencies
  • Store treasured photos, family videos, important mementos, financial records in a safe place or higher level in the house
  • Save documents electronically or on a backup drive or portable thumb drive in advance
  • Have a plan to move lighter weight valuable electronic equipment like TVs, computers, laptops to higher levels and away from windows when a flood happens
  • Prepare your home with sandbagging and temporary flood measures to reduce your risk 

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