Support for those in Self Isolation

If you are self isolating and receiving deliveries we have created these self isolation signs for you. They can be put up on your front door so delivery people know to just knock and leave your deliveries on the front step or porch.

You can download them here:
Self Isolation Poster – Download Link

You can also call Roger (Dino Delivery) at 403-820-4661 or 403-820-0074 and he will deliver one for you. 

Through these difficult times we still want to look after our neighbors and show how much #DrumCares.

We are hoping to get these help/ ok signs to grocery stores. They are for people to display in their windows if they are self isolating, possibly living alone or are elderly. Please watch for these signs as you walk your neighborhood especially if you know someone vulnerable lives there.  Maybe you could collect one for a vulnerable neighbor.

RCMP and Peace Officers will be looking for these signs as they drive around and so we encourage people to use them, especially if they are in need of assistance.

Use this sign to show if you need help8210074

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