Word on the trail is… flood season starts this week

Flood season starts this week reminding us there is no time like the present to prepare. In order to protect for the future we need to remember the past. Flood levels from our past would devastate the whole community if they occurred today. That’s why the town is building berms on average 1.5 metres high with a width of 6 metres. To do this, the normal slope ratio is 3:1, which means the base of the berm could be 18 metres.

The Town is doing everything it can to minimize individual impact while protecting the town as a whole. For example, where possible the slope can be increased using a 2:1 ratio which of course requires individual/confidential conversations with landowners. This takes time. Only when these conversations are complete will berm designs be released publicly.

While managing individual landowner problems, we need to focus on a ONE community solution to keep us all dry, safe and protected for the future.

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