Word on the trail is… now that the province’s flood studies have been published the berm designs are ready

With provincial flood studies done I hear people asking, what does this mean for final berm designs.  Let’s get the rumour stick out and see how everything measures up.

The initial plans were designed to protect our town to a flow rate of 1,640 m3/s. That was the base flood level design. To meet the standards in the new provincial study this will increase to 1,850 m3/s. Now, keep in mind the berms will be built so we can easily add onto the top if need be. Smart right?

With the new information in hand, the engineers are now reviewing their plans and refining the berm design, a process that is expected to be complete by Spring 2021. We are working hard to protect people and preserve the value of property.

Featured FAQ:

How did the provincial flood study impact decisions for Drumheller mitigation strategies?

Prior to release of the provincial flood study, Drumheller was using the previously established 1:100 flood flow of 1,640 m3/s as the base design flood level. Berm designs will now be based on 1,850 m3/s (regulated) flow rate from the new provincial flood study.

It is important to note that all of Drumheller’s existing dikes would be overtopped at 1,850 m3/s. Therefore, our mitigation efforts will concentrate on protecting to 1,850 m3/s plus an additional 0.75 m of “freeboard” height to provide a margin of safety.

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