Word on the trail is… some impacted landowners are starting to receive phone calls from the flood office

Rumour has it some neighbours are receiving calls from the flood mitigation folks and others are wondering why they are not. Let me get my rumour stick and see what gives.

Here’s what’s going down. The next major step in protecting our town from flooding is to finalize berm alignment. If the plan is to build the berm between your home and the river, you will be receiving a call in the next few weeks to discuss the impact of the berm on your property. Please be patient if your phone hasn’t rang and you think it should. We are lining up discussions with those who own land that we will need to construct the berm. After we have held discussions on alignments with landowners we will then be able to chat with neighbours who are near the alignment of the berms. We expect these meetings to happen in the affected neighbourhoods in late March and early April. Once again, it warms this ol’ dinosaur’s heart during these cold days of winter to see folks work together to protect their people, property and Drumheller’s future prosperity.

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