Word on the trail is… the Municipal Development Plan and Land Use Bylaw have already been approved

What’s this I’m hearing that council approved the new Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) on October 26. The things you hear when you’re out on the trail! Time for the rumour stick because this isn’t true and I know it’s causing concern. People want their say. Always have. Always will.
Also, wouldn’t it be something if the government worked that fast? While I know many of us would like to see this speed up, this steady pace gives time for those who want to, to give input. Let me say, I’m glad to see there have been plenty of opportunities for that. If you still have something to say, here’s some good news. Council is still accepting comments at
drumheller.ca. Here in Drumheller, we like to be a constructive part of the process.
What’s the next step on the trail? The draft MDP and LUB have been updated and are available at landplanning.drumheller.ca. Town Council is considering second reading on November 23rd and feedback is welcome by November 17th. Stay informed. Stay involved. Stay safe.

Featured FAQ:

Can I review the proposed land use district maps before I provide feedback on the proposed MDP and LUB?

Yes, visit landplanning.drumheller.ca/maps to view an interactive map where you can put in your address and see what your current district is, and what the proposed district would be. For a quick snapshot of your neighbourhood scroll down the page for PDF maps. Don’t forget to leave your feedback while you’re there!

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