Word on the trail is… the Town is cutting down trees

Rumour has it, the town is going to be cutting down trees. Let me consult my rumour stick. In fact, this stick of mine used to be a tree so it ought to know. In fact, my friends, yes indeed, some trees are coming down.

The process is going to start fairly soon in Centennial Park and it turns out, many of these trees are at the end of their life cycle. They actually pose a safety risk and need to come down, which will also make room for berm construction. Know this, the flood team has a great respect for trees and understand all of the good they do for the environment. That’s why they are developing a tree plan to ensure they maintain an equal or greater ecological value.

Featured FAQ:

Will trees removed from Centennial Park be replaced?

Yes! While it’s always sad to see trees removed, we are developing an urban tree strategy that will see a 5:1 replacement plan implemented to ensure there is carbon balance in the area. Many poplar trees in Centennial Park are at their end of life, and have become a threat to public safety. Other trees also need to be removed to make room for the berm.

The removed trees will be replaced with new trees, and/or bushes, that are appropriate for the natural habitation. The 5:1 replacement plan ensures both carbon balance, as well as limited impact on Drumheller’s wildlife community.


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