Word on the trail is… the Town will just take someone’s property away

It’s getting wet and wild out there with rumours about the flood mitigation program. I hear people saying the Town will just take someone’s property away. That doesn’t sound very Alberta-like to me. The good news is it’s not. Let’s beat that one down with the rumour stick right now
In order to protect the whole community, plans are being designed to make room for the river, because say it with me, “water always wins.” If a property is required to enhance existing berms and build new ones here’s what will happen, the homeowner will be offered fair market value based on a certified appraiser. If the offer isn’t agreed upon, it may be referred to the land compensation board. Not fun, but fair, and sometimes when it comes to safety and setting the Town up for success our leaders have to make decisions that are not fun, but fair.

Featured FAQ:

Is it true Town Council approved the new proposed Municipal Development Plan (MDP) and Land Use Bylaw (LUB) last week (Oct. 26, 2020)?

No, we are still accepting feedback on the proposed documents. This feedback will influence the revised versions of the proposed documents, which will be posted online once they are complete. If you didn’t get a chance to provide your feedback in person you can still visit landplanning.drumheller.ca to review the proposed MDP and LUB and leave us your comments. You can also connect with our office at ddurnie@drumheller.ca or 403-823-0994.

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