Word on the trail is… there’s a lot of sources of truth around these parts

Way back in my day, news didn’t travel as fast as it does today, but even then we had a rumour mill. You learned pretty quickly to get information straight from the brontosaurus’ mouth because spreading false facts hurt the herd. That’s why I’ve got this rumour stick!
These days I’ve been hearing plenty of rumours spreading about the flood mitigation and climate adaptation program. In fact, my head spins how fast false and exaggerated information spreads.
I’m going to use my stick to point you in the right direction for accurate and timely information. Head over to Drumheller’s flood readiness web page at floodreadiness.drumheller.ca, sign up for the newsletter, read the Drumheller Mail and follow @drumhellerALERT on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. There are even videos, which I think are more fun than reading!
Don’t be a Rumoursaurus and help protect the herd. Remember, just because you see something on social media or hear it on the street, doesn’t mean it’s true. Stop rumours in their tracks by following the trail to the source of truth. Armed with the right information, we can all work together to strengthen our community.

Featured FAQ:

Is it true banks are not providing mortgages for properties identified in the floodway on the provincial flood hazard maps?

We are not aware of any financial institution denying a mortgage based on provincial flood hazard maps. If you are aware of a situation, please contact our office at ddurnie@drumheller.ca and provide us with the name of the lender and what they specifically denied in terms of a mortgage.

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