Urban Forest Survey

Our team has conducted thorough site assessments and pinpointed several promising areas for Urban Forest Development. Your insights are crucial in ensuring we make the best decisions for our community's green spaces. The survey period is from July 5th to August 19th, 2024.

Centennial Park

When will Centennial Park be reopened?

The target date for construction completion in Centennial Park is May 17, 2024, barring any unforeseen circumstances which could lead to construction delays, such as a Red Deer River flood event during construction.

What will happen to the Memorial Benches in Centennial Park?

Any benches impacted by construction will be removed by Town staff and temporarily stored, then replaced once construction has been completed.

Will the trees that were cut down in Centennial Park be replaced? Where will the replaced trees go?

Any trees that were cut down last year will be replaced on a 5:1 basis with new trees and shrubs.  Any trees that need to be cut down this year that are in very good, good or fair condition will also be replaced on a 5:1 basis with trees and shrubs.  Any trees noted to be in poor or very poor condition will not be replaced as they are near the end of their life cycle.  The Landscape Architect working on the Downtown Dike design team will identify locations for replacement trees and shrubs prioritizing placement to near where the trees were removed from, and trees and shrubs may also be placed at other locations in Downtown Drumheller, as identified in the Downtown Area Revitalization Plan.

What will happen with the pathways in Centennial Park during construction?

Detour pathway routes will be identified and posted during the Downtown Dike construction, to safely get pedestrians to where they need to go adjacent to Centennial Park and keep them away from ongoing Downtown Dike construction.