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Important Update: Completion of the Midland Berm and Grove Plaza Berm Projects

Posted on Aug. 4 2023

We are pleased to share some exciting news with you today! The completion of two significant construction projects, the Midland Berm and Grove Plaza Berm, have reached a major milestone. After months of dedicated efforts from the construction team alongside the support from the community, we are thrilled to declare that the final construction walkthroughs for both projects were successfully completed this week.

In line with a commitment to public convenience and accessibility, we are pleased to announce that all pathways surrounding the Midland Berm and Grove Plaza Berm have now been reopened for public use. We encourage everyone to visit and take advantage of these renewed recreational spaces.

While our construction teams will continue to complete minor clean-up activities at both locations, we assure you that these efforts will not disrupt your enjoyment of these improved spaces. Our goal is to ensure a seamless transition from the construction phase to the public use phase, allowing you to experience the full potential of these projects without delay.

In addition to the completion of the construction phase, our dedicated contractor teams will be responsible for landscaping maintenance at both sites. Throughout the upcoming months, they will work diligently to maintain the healthy, vibrant, and aesthetic appeal of these community locations, as envisioned by all of us.

The Midland Berm and Grove Plaza Berm projects hold significant importance in enhancing our community's infrastructure and safety. We take immense pride in their successful completion and extend our gratitude to both communities for your continued support and patience shown throughout the construction process. 

For questions or additional information, reach out to the Flood Office via and follow along via our social media channels.

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