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Important Update: Tree Health and Safety Measures in Centennial Park

Posted on Aug. 30 2023

Downtown Berm Project Update

Our community's cherished green spaces are vital to our overall well-being, heritage, and communal spirit. Recognizing the profound connection many residents have with our trees, we are approaching the current situation in Centennial Park with responsibility and due care.

During the ongoing Downtown Berm Project, an old Poplar tree unexpectedly fell, narrowly missing construction equipment and the operator. Thankfully, no injuries occurred, but this event necessitated a thorough review of tree health in our parks.

As a result, the Flood Office enlisted Wilco, our project contractor, to collaborate with Arnold Heuver Consulting as part of a rigorous tree health assessment. This assessment aimed to identify any additional trees for removal that pose an immediate public safety risk. The results of their report indicate:

Centennial Park

  • 23 trees are nearing the end of their natural life cycle and are in declining health. Of these, 12 pose an immediate safety risk. As a result, all 23 trees have been recommended for swift removal.
  • An additional 51 trees are in suboptimal health but do not present immediate hazards.

Our Action Plan

  1. Immediate Tree Removal: For the safety of our residents, the removal of all 23 trees posing an immediate safety risk in Centennial Park will commence immediately. We want to assure the community that this is necessary for public safety.
  2. Pruning: Pruning will be completed for the remaining trees in Centennial Park to prolong their lives and reduce the public safety risk of falling branches.

We understand the deep connection our community has with our green spaces, and the removal of any tree is approached with the utmost gravity, only being considered for the paramount concern of public safety.

For inquiries, concerns, or to review the complete reports and future plans, please reach out to our office at

We're grateful for your understanding and active participation in ensuring the health, safety, and beauty of our beloved community parks.

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