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North Drumheller Flood Improvements Projects and Tree Clearing Plan

Posted on Mar. 18 2024

Tree clearing work in the North Drumheller Berm area started at the beginning of March 2024, ahead of the annual bird nesting window, and is anticipated to be completed at the end of April 2024.  

Tree clearing is essential in allowing the construction of berms in the area. The trees slated for removal have been chosen carefully to avoid unnecessary clearing.  

The tree clearing will begin at the North end of Michichi Creek and will move South. In the interest of safety, the Flood Office would like to remind residents to stay out of the work areas. We ask that all signage and barricades be obeyed in the area.  

Pre-construction vibration inspections for properties located near the berm construction will be completed in March. Residents in impacted areas will receive a letter detailing contact information to set up an inspection with our teams.  

Contractors will begin to bring in heavy equipment and prepare working areas and temporary access roads in mid-April. We ask that residents remain aware and obey all signs in the area. The preparation of these working areas and temporary access roads will be followed by the hauling of clay material to the area in April, once the weather allows. 

More information about the tree clearing plan and berm construction in North Drumheller is available on the Flood Readiness website 

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